What are 91% of Small to Medium Business Owners doing wrong?

What are 91% of small to medium business owners doing wrong?

A recent study has found that more than 91% of Small to Medium Business owners do not have a mobile friendly website.


According to a new report from website building platform BaseKit, who surveyed 510 small to medium sized businesses last year, more than 91% of those surveyed had no mobile site.


 the high street goes hand in hand with mobile not in the future but now


That is an absolutely shocking statistic because mobile is, without question, the future of digital. People check the web on the go, they check the web whilst out shopping and they do it on their mobile phones. Some other statistics to consider:

  • Mobile web use is growing at a rate 8 times faster than internet adoption back in the 90’s.
  • More than 50% of average global web users use a mobile as their primary means of going online.
  • 57% of those surveyed said they wouldn’t recommend a business with a sloppy mobile site.


In fact, on average, people spend more time looking at a mobile screen than doing anything else, except sleeping. So until dream based marketing becomes a reality (I think Google’s working on it right now) it just makes sense to be on mobile.


And it makes even more sense for SME’s. Nearly a third of mobile web searches have some kind of local connection i.e. finding a local business or service. That compares with only a fifth from desktops.


Look at it this way. If you’re in the high street you look after your store front. Your store front is what catches passing traffic’s eye, it’s what sells your products before anything else and so you make sure it’s clean, eye-catching and shows off your best wares.


What you wouldn’t do is make an attractive window display and then cover it up with a dust cloth every Saturday and Sunday when the most people pass by. But that’s exactly what you’re doing if your website doesn’t work on phones.


is your mobile site this unattractive?

is your mobile site this unattractive?

So you need your mobile site to work as effectively as your main website, how do you do that? Well, you could build an entirely different website customised just for mobiles but that would cause a huge number of problems. 2 different SEO strategies, 2 different sites to keep updated, 2 sites to fix if a problem occurs and that’s not even factoring in tablets.


It also can create this scenario. One of your consumers finds a great product on your mobile site and shares it on facebook. Their friend then clicks the link and gets taken to a stripped down mobile site that forces them to scroll to get to the content they want. They give up and never see the cool product. Sale, lost.


Instead we recommend a responsive website. Responsive was the buzzword of 2013 but for those that don’t know it means building a website that recognises what device you’re viewing it on and changes accordingly. 1 website with 1 set of coding that appears customised to work best on whatever device you view it on.


There are now more than 220 different screen resolutions in common use

There are now more than 220 different screen resolutions in common use

Building a responsive site means that your website looks and works great on a mobile, tablet or desktop. It also means that customers can switch between devices and get the same experience and that if they share content from their phone to friends using other devices those friends won’t have any problems viewing your site.

It also improves your SEO. Google considers responsive websites to be best industry practice and it is easier for it to crawl and index one responsive website than multiple different specialised ones.


Outsmart builds responsive websites that look great no matter what device they’re viewed on.  If you’re not accessible via mobile we can fix that and build you a website that looks amazing and is focused on usability, content and how to best achieve your business aims. For an example of our work check out the beautiful responsive website we built for www.boostbasket.com


The report also found that only two thirds of SMEs were able to update their one site, only half used social media to promote their business and just 18 per cent of SME sites were SEO optimised. If any of these issues apply to you we can fix them too. We offer social media support packages and SEO optimisation packages to support any business.


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