We Heart The Arts: The Exquisite Taste Of The Tetley

The Tetley website

Arguably, nothing is as subjective and polarising as art and The Arts. One person’s Swan Lake is another’s Dash Snow. Where some say ‘Hell yeah!’ others say ‘Huh?’

Art is emotive, evocative, exciting and lots of other ‘e’ words but it isn’t easy to define. Just like its audiences.

A potentially tricky but persistent challenge faced by Arts organisations is understanding what hooks their fans and what visitors are caught by so they can ensure they do more of it brilliantly and creatively.

Ultimately, The Arts face the same pressures as retailers, in that they need to attract visitors in order to exist, but how do you do that using traditional targeting methods?  What does someone’s age or postcode tell us about why they’re influenced to visit?  Well the short answer is, they don’t give us much insight.

This has forced Arts organisations to look at what and how they communicate.  The ‘brand hat’ has to go on and what’s authentic, compelling, motivating and differentiating about their offering , online and offline, must be distilled.

We’ve recently been on this journey with The Tetley. We’re so proud and excited to be working closely with Project Space Leeds and Carlsberg UK in the creation and development of this contemporary arts space coming soon to Leeds.  Getting the brand ‘right’ has been crucial and involved an immersion into the life and times of Joshua Tetley, Leeds’ proud brewing tradition and all the while remaining mindful of the need to engage people today and in the future.

Where we’ve arrived is an authentic articulation of the Tetley heritage and all its glory, presented for today’s consumer.

As the Arts Marketing Association recently blogged: ‘Understanding audiences means more than being able to call up their booking history.  They couldn’t be more right.  And when The Tetley opens later this year, we’ll be looking at how we can meet the needs of audiences and how we can keep developing them too.

As with any smart marketing project we’ll be constantly evaluating to ensure the offering and experience lives up to the name that The Tetley evokes and that the brand works hard to deliver it too.  To do this we’ll be asking some pretty big questions of ourselves: including how do they hope to be made to feel? How does it reflect the way they see themselves in the world?

Watch this space to find out how the next chapter of The Tetley evolves and if you’d like to discuss how you can more effectively reach and connect with your audience get in touch with us today.  Call Lucy on 0113 2473966 or email lucy@outsmartagency.com