“Give them what they want!” – Why your customers want to hear about you too



It’s crazy to think we’re now half way through 2013. 


As an Account Director that wears a brand Planner’s hat, I spend a lot of time focussing on where our clients are aiming and how we will get them there.  Recently however, I’ve been looking back at what trends we’ve seen play out this year.


I remember devouring the 2013 Trend Watchers report before Christmas and I could already relate to the feeling of being a ‘hyper tasker’.  Check out this link: http://www.trendwatching.com/trends/10trends2013/  and you may agree that pretty much all 10 of the trends have come to light and life within the last 6 months.


One of the trends predicted is carrying particular resonance for our clients, in that, manufacturing is coming home, that is, if ‘home’ is a mature market.


The ‘British’, ‘Established in’, ‘Made in Britain’ messages are being highlighted in our client’s marketing with positive results.  This links back to something we know as marketers – ‘people love a story’.  This is why a brand’s provenance and heritage continue to play a part in building trust, credibility, interest and highlight quality cues that today’s value seeking customer insist on.


Where you’re from, and how long you’ve been doing ‘it’, are compelling threads that should have a place in your client conversations so that your brand and business can take advantage of these perceived ‘reasons to believe’.


Here at Outsmart we’re proud to have a number of home grown companies in our client base – both new and established.  From customer insight we’ve pro-actively gathered, we know this is helping end users make their purchasing choice. For example, for a brand with growing awareness, it’s good for a prospect to know AHF was established in 1979 as it encourages trial, reassured by a track record.


In the storage and handling industry, which can be dominated by imports from China and other International time zones, our client Craven Solutions are building relationships with customers that know if they need a quick delivery or have a query, they can speak to someone in their Yorkshire HQ to cater to their needs. Plus they get to buy a Made in Britain product and do their bit to support British manufacturing.


From our experience, connecting with customers at an emotive level is key and allowing them to relate to what type of business you are, can be a valuable asset in a market where the functional benefit of what you offer can be duplicated and imitated.  Using your marketing to stand apart from your competition can be a key driver when keeping ahead of them is a challenge.


Macro trends ultimately affect micro choices and being clued up on what’s affecting your customers’ behaviour can give your business the edge.



To talk trends or how you can respond to the forces affecting your business, call Lucy on 0113 2473966 or email lucy@outsmartagency.com