Changing Education: A Lesson in Marketing to a Specialist Audience


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Outsmart are pleased to introduce our latest success story, Changing Education.


Founded in 2009 and led by passionate education experts the team at Changing Education are improving the standard of work experience and career’s advice in the UK. They offer a variety of tailored work placement packages that manage all the fine details, letting schools organise their work experience requirements more efficiently and effectively.  At a time when 75% of school are failing to provide adequate careers advice and work experience programmes, schools that have worked with Changing Education have achieved impressive results in providing young people with skills and qualities that will help them realise their potential.


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Already established in Cheshire, Outsmart are working with Changing Education to promote their expansion into the rest of England. To achieve this we’re utilising our signature Direct Breakthrough Marketing process.


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Our Direct Breakthrough Marketing process utilises a combination of data capture, planning, targeting and inspiring creative ideas to make sure your message gets to the right people;  followed up with E-Broadcast and telephony to ensure results. We are particularly effective at coming up with ingenious strategies for getting you past the gatekeepers, guaranteeing a dialogue with the decision makers.


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In the case of Changing Education we obtained a database of head teachers, careers advisors, school business managers, school bursars and pastoral care workers. We conducted research with these different groups of decision makers to identify the key points of interest that would help get Changing Education through the door and then created a mailing campaign personalised to each individual’s requirements and goals. For example; when talking to the business managers we focused on cost efficiencies but when talking to head teachers we focused on how the programme eased the administrative burden for schools and improved their standing with OFSTED. We then followed these letters up with E-broadcast and telephony to ensure a meeting with the prospect.


So far the response to the campaign has been fantastic. After only a few days Changing Education have had positive conversations with over 50% of the target audience and have already generated a return on the investment. It’s been a real vindication of the effectiveness of our marketing strategies and illustrates the value of research and planning in marketing strategy.


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We’re continuing to work with Changing Education as they go from strength to strength and expand into even more schools. We’ve produced a series of attractive, informative brochures and leaflets to support their team in the face to face meetings and have also produced visual materials and scripts to support up and coming presentations.


Changing Education have a strong proposition that they’re clearly passionate about and we believe strongly in them. We’re in it for the long haul, supporting them in their goal to improve the employment and further education prospects of children all over the UK.


If your business needs to sell to senior decision makers or is a very specialist product then Direct Breakthrough Marketing makes sure that your marketing activity only gets seen by the right people, maximising your return on investment.


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