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VISSAP are an international supplier of management consultancy services. Working across the majority of industries and business functions they deliver business transformation projects that help clients to create effective & efficient organisations, innovate and grow, reduce costs, manage risk and leverage resources.

Outsmart have worked extensively with VISSAP on a number of projects including a re-branding exercise, the production of numerous printed materials and merchandise featuring their logo and the build and launch of a new website.

Our most notable project involved VISSAP tasking us with introducing their brand to Directors in the rail sector.

Outsmart’s Managing Director, Andy Taylor, explains the marketing approach. “Essentially, you cannot go out and purchase a list of prospective names in the rail sector at the level VISSAP need to engage with. It’s so niche and at such an elevated level, the only way you can get the information is to go out and create the database yourself.”

Working closely with the VISSAP Partners to identify relevant target companies Outsmart verified the database using telephony.  Once the final list was compiled, Outsmart then designed a breakthrough mailing, to get past the gatekeepers and make an impact in the office.

Outsmart’s Creative Director Paul Harker explains that “as part of their rebranding, VISSAP adopted the iconography of a hummingbird as part of the logo. The hummingbird is remarkable with some amazing characteristics – it’s the only bird that can fly backwards, for instance.  This perfectly symbolises the vigour, energy and adaptability of the VISSAP approach.”

The Breakthrough campaign was re-enforced using PURLs where a personalised web page on the VISSAP website was created for each prospect. “The open rate of the PURLs achieved outstanding results with over an astonishing 80+% open rate. Normally, you’d be happy with a 20% open rate and a 5% click through of those opening,” says Taylor

The next stage in the process involved telephony and speaking to prospects took place over a number of weeks. A personalised, rail sector specific brochure was then sent to all the prospects, with different letters according to the level of dialogue achieved over the previous few weeks. “The personal approach is key,” says Taylor. “Every stage carries a high level of personalisation – digital print being the way of achieving this cost-effectively.”

In terms of response and effectiveness Taylor comments that; “Statistically we’ve monitored website traffic levels, and seen a marked rise. Open rates and click throughs have been hugely impressive and we monitored the response to the communication and the business proposition through the telephony.”

Ashton, the something something at VISSAP commented that “We’re very pleased with the impact of the campaign overall..We now have to make sure it converts into real business, which is the challenge going forward next year.”


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