Croda International

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding
  • Digital
  • Video production

A leader in specialty chemicals Croda International sells to a wide range of business to business markets in personal and health care. However, when it came time to launch a new customer facing product (‘Solaveil’ a mineral ultraviolet filter and vital active ingredient in a range of sunscreen and beauty products) they had no experience.


Outsmart developed the brand identity for the product and an intelligent marketing strategy to help this business to business giant understand the challenges of speaking to customers. We also developed their interactive website and produced two outstanding 30 second commercials. One aimed at the end consumer and another one aimed at Croda’s clients to assist their sales team in selling Solveil.


 “It was a real privilege to work with the team at Croda to develop one of their first ever consumer facing brands and take on the challenge of ensuring the end user understands exactly what Solaveil™  is. The position of ‘When the sun comes out, so should Solaveil™’, really helps this.”Paul Harker, Creative Director at Outsmart.

We continue to work with Croda designing and producing videos, exhibition stands and printed materials to support their B2B activity with other products such as Crodmaol ISIS and Keramimics.



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