B2B numbers by Outsmart

B2B numbers - education

Outsmart have generated some great numbers for our clients over the last year.

Lots of businesses will do a rebrand and design and build a website. But when you want to launch it to a specific audience and target a new customer profile, you’ll need an agency who understands what B2B businesses need to do to cut through and make a real impact.

At Outsmart, we like to plan marketing activity methodically. No knee-jerking. Just rational, informed thinking and a calendar of incisive marketing communications with an eye on the numbers.

Example One: When a client in the education sector had a brief to go out and develop a new customer prospect pool and generate some new business meetings, Outsmart had the answer – our B2B Breakthrough Process. It’s a proven method of growing a B2B business, with measureable results and tangible outcomes – more business, more profit!

Our Breakthrough campaign for the client utilised data selection & cleansing, creative design & artwork, personalised print production, email broadcast and telephony follow up. The results were: a comprehensive clean database of active targets, 15% uplift in web traffic, 25 face-to-face meetings (beating the original target of 6 by some margin) and 6 new clients.

Example Two: Earlier this year a manufacturing client of ours wanted to do something to increase sales, but only had a limited budget. Could Outsmart do anything? Of course…using strategic sales promotions, communicated through direct mail, emails and social media activity, Outsmart did a Back to School campaign generated a 22% uplift in year-on-year sales.

Wondering what kind of numbers Outsmart could generate for you? If you’d like to talk about your marketing plan for 2015, please get in touch.